The Legend of the Golden Bell

The Golden Bell which indicates the place where the Knights of the Temple deposited their treasure, is allegedly hidden under one of the many rabbit hutches in the village. To find it, you have to look hard and work hard. Now, a huge stone which is used as a pier for a house in one of the streets, bears strange inscriptions giving rise to various interpretations, among which one indicates the cryptographic location of the Knights’ treasure. The strange thing is that in the 1980s, two diviners dug a big deep hole where the castle of the Grimaldis used to stand. After some time, one of them was found dead and the other simply vanished…

The Legend of the Underground

It is said that when the Counts of Beuil reigned over the area, an underground passage linked the castle to…Villars, passing under the Giarons !! This is obviously exaggerated but it is true that traces of it were discovered in a few houses in the village and on the east side of the hill.