Activities for children


Carnival in the Snow.

Every year on Shrove Tuesday, children and their parents meet at the Village Hall for a make-up workshop where they are transformed into cats, tigers, mice, supermen and princesses. Then the happy company walks through the village streets to the sound of carnival music. All villagers and visitors are led into a battle of multicoloured confetti.


Egg hunt.

Upon their return from Rome, where they are supposed to spend Lent, the bells alledgedly drop eggs everywhere in the village, exclusively for children. Each team’s mission is to bring back as many eggs as possible…


Children’s Day

Around the middle of August, children gather to take part in many activities organized by the Town Hall: initiation in archery, Mister Memory quizzes, the famous “pignates”, coconut shy, not forgetting the ”lucky catch” and make-up workshops. Prizes are given to the best in each category..eux de mémoire, les célèbres “pignates”, le chamboule-tout sans oublier la pêche miraculeuse et le
maquillage. De nombreux cadeaux sont remis en récompense.


Father Christmas

On Christmas day, Father Christmas and his donkey tour the streets of the village, distributing sweets and crackers to children and adults who, inspired by the magic of Christmas, declare they have remained children.