A unique biodiversity/b>


A carpet of soft-coloured wild pansies announces the beginning of the  Spring.
As early as June, forget-me-nots and buttercups invade the meadows  while daisies and honeysuckle appear, heralding the Summer. A sweet
fragrance of lavender then drifts through the air and Autumn crocuses bloom in the Autumn sun, the harbingers of Winter.


The cuckoo brings the good news of Spring and hedges, forests and coppices are full  of the music of blue tits, warblers, wagtails and sparrows. From high up in the sky, tawny vultures and birds of preys, like the Jean Leblanc circaetus, are on the look-out for marmots, the vigilant sentinels whose high-pitched and imperious call sends out a warning to the  little tribe. Unruffled, the chamois rules over the area in the midst of high steep rocks while, down below, roebuck and deer wait for warmer days.
Butterflies rival with bees to gather the pollen of flowers among exuberant grasshopers and crickets.
In the evening, the owl, the symbol of wisdom, may frighten the Walker  at night with its screeching.
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