A Carnival colorful and diverse … Participants and spectators were not disappointed and if the King of Carnival did not reach Beuil, it is perhaps because of the snow, so […]


Beuil is proud of its prestigious origins and glorious past which have forged its traditions, still meaningful for its population. Archives mention the name of St Eldrade as early as […]

Museum “What if Beuil told me”

This village on which we come out at the exit of the gorge of Cians proudly displays a history, a very old and rich history. Nature is generous. Its enthusiasts […]

Linguistic Heritage

The study of place names often makes it possible to make the link between the language, the history and the way of life of our ancestors and to find perhaps […]

Poetic and musical heritage

Poèmes L’enfant de Beuil  Une carte postale Aimée du monde entier C’est Beuil qui s’étale Au pied du Mont MounierPerché sur ton piton Depuis des siècles écoulés Tu protèges le […]