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embellishment of the village

Posté le 27/09/2010 15:50:00
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Villes et villages fleuris
Prairies fleuries
Tri des déchets



Flower competitions in Local Towns and Villages.
Beuil came first in the 2005 Regional Mountain Villages Competition. The prize rewarded the remarkable work of the townhall employees under the guidance of Louis Nobles.The jury featured representatives of the Regional Tourist Committee, of the General Council of the Department, the Self-catering Flats Association and the National Forestry Commission. This reward also honours the inhabitants of the village who have vied with each other for the embellishment of the village.


"Flower in the Fields " Competition.
This agricultural competition first took place on June 14th and 15th, 2010
in the Mercantour. Seven farmers from the Var and Cians villages competed for the first agri-environmental prize. The jury included 5 experts in agronomy, botany, beekeeping and wildlife. Eleven fields were judged according to national criteria. The second agri-environmental prize was won by M.Brillant for his presentation of the Serre section of his fields,


Selective Sorting of Household Waste
Ecological waste sorting is the responsibility of all citizens who thus contribute to the good management of the village and to the preservation of the environment. Awareness of the positive consequences of such everyday acts is essential.

Waste containers:
- Wrappers and paper
- Glass
- Other waste

     For more information "click here"
Containers are at your disposal / available/ at 12 spots:
 Place de Gaulle
Carrefour du Pissaîre 
La Croix rue Napoléon III
Place Jean Robion
Route du Castel
Route Ciriei 
Chapelle sainte Anne 
Palace Mont Mounier 
Serre de Nairaud 
Launes  inférieur 
- Textile and shoes  
Waste containers place de Gaulle
- Bulky waste
At all household refuse containers
- Batteries
At the town hall and at the tobacconist's
- Cooking oil
Waste container Place de Gaulle
- Automobile-related waste
Waste reception centre "Les Charmes"
- Household appliances 
Waste reception centre "Les Charmes"
 Good to know :
- Waste reception centre:  "click here"
- Life cycle of paper, glass, metal and plastic : "click here"
- Individual composting :
"click here"
- Effects of selective waste sorting on the environment: "know more" 

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