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At the end of July, the parish festival of Saint Anne featuring a mass, morning concerts, dancing, local councillors' speeches and a convivial meal brings together villagers and visitors for three days.


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Several special events punctuate the calendar of life in Beuil and give everyone the opportunity to strengthen social links in the village, and attract visitors..


- In Winter, various festivities are organized :
. Village illuminations and decorations
. Traditional Christmas midnight mass with the parade of the French School of Ski instructors, mulled wine and hot chocolate offered by the Mayor and Father Christmas' s tour of the village to the delight of all children.
On the last day of the year, a “son et lumière” spectacle with fireworks and torchlight downhill skiing.


-Carnival in the Snow
When children and adults parade through the streets in costumes and make-up

- Easter festivities
Egg hunt in the village streets.


- At the beginning of the Summer, St John's Day (Midsummer Day) shouldn't be missed with its dance, its mass, morning concerts, a picnic in the fields, not  orgetting the traditional bonfires and the blessing of fields, goats, cattle and sheep.
- A Festival of Choirs, "Beuil en Choeurs" takes choristers outside into the fields during a two-day event.


- At the end of July, Saint Anne's Day – Anne being the patron saint of Beuil  featuring a mass, morning concerts, a dance, speeches by local councillors and a convivial meal brings together villagers and visitors for three days.
- Around the middle of August, a special day dreamt of by all children : games and gifts galore for children on a day when kids are kings.

- Fairs and flea markets also occupy an important place in local life.
- To conclude the Summer season, the Cattle and Sheep Fair reminds one of the ancestral tradition when the whole area gathered on the Pré de Foire ( the Village Green) to sell and buy cattle and sheep before winter


- Added to all this, moments of remembrance when on May 8, July 14, Saint Anne's Day and November 11, when all villagers remember the past and pay homage to the victims of the wars.
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