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Posté le 16/08/2010 17:20:00
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Beuil Seniors Club
The Club is a member of the Association GMOUV 06 of Rural Seniors in the Alpes Maritimes.

The Association boasts about 80 members


 Aims of the Association :
- create, stimulate and develop encounters and friendly relations between its members.
- help solve its members' difficulties by informing, advising and supporting them.
- organize trips and various activities and events in its members' interest.
- participate in the Department's action in favour of Rural Seniors Clubs
- represent its members whenever collective action has to be locally implemented and speak in their name to local authorities and other associations.
- stimulate, inform and form its members.
- participate in all surveys concerning the needs of rural seniors
- propose, encourage and locally organize all kinds of initiatives aiming at breaking seniors' solitude.
- organize and coordinate all kinds of leisure activities to strengthen links between members: art, theatre, singing, open air activities, walks, hiking, yoga...
  Members of the Board
o Sylviane BEAUSSY  President
o Louis NOBLES  Vice-President
o Gilles MANNARINI  Secretary
o Isabelle LOPEZ  Treasurer
o o Simone ROBION  Active member
o Annie MAGRO  Active member
o Nicole MOREL Active member

 Main activities:
- Every friday from 2 to 5.30 p.m. in the Village Hall. Workshops are open to all members: creative activities, craft workshop, drawing, photography, word processing, cooking,...
- Workshops are free, the Town Hall allowing us to use the hall free of charge. A small contribution is required to buy equipment, depending on the activity chosen.
- Various afternoon recreations: "Galette des Rois" ( "Epiphany cakes" ), pancakes, traditional meal, Christmas high tea, bingo,....
- General Assembly meal
- Day trips
- Inter-club meetings
- Longer trips
Address :
26 rue du Comté de Beuil
06470 Beuil
Sylviane BEAUSSY
315 route de la Couillole
06470 Beuil
Tél : 06 64 84 82 13

Courriel : beaussy@yahoo.fr

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