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The Beuil Choir: a singing village


“The Beuil Choir is more than just a choir as the whole village is involved”, says Patrice Bernart with legitimate pride when introducing his group of choristers who share the same passion for traditional songs.
The Beuil choir consists in several generations of choristers who love to share singing and making music together.
The Beuil choir is a whole village which visits all villages around, just for the pleasure of singing.


The Beuil choir is a whole village reaching out to the world through our choral mountain songs, participating in the religious festivals of the parish as well as in the patriotic events, the parish celebrations of St Jean (St John) and Saint Anne, in the “Fête des Gens d'Ici” ( "Locals' Fête Day") and so many other events.
The Choir is for all to enjoy.
The Beuil Choir is a whole village which loves to welcome people, especially during the "Beuil Choir festival” (“Beuil en Choeurs”). Every year, during the last weekend of June, many singers and musicians from the whole world gather together and celebrate music in the mountains

Board :
President : Gilles MORET
Choir leader : Patrice BERNART
Secretary : Sylviane BEAUSSY
Treasurer : Michèle CHAIX
Honorary members :
Père Gilles BAILBE
Raymond RICCI
Monseigneur Bernard VEISSE
Address :

Mairie de Beuil
26 rue du Comté de Beuil
06470 Beuil
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Mairie de Beuil
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06470 Beuil
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