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At the end of July, the parish festival of Saint Anne featuring a mass, morning concerts, dancing, local councillors' speeches and a convivial meal brings together villagers and visitors for three days.

Visite du village

Posté le 31/03/2011 21:00:00
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Village visit. Duration : 1 hr 30.

  Departure : meet at the entrance of the village, at the junction called "Le Pissaïre".
Proceed 200 m. (600 ft) along the Boulevard Marcel Pourchier to the Place Général de Gaulle on your right hand side, where you can park your car, and using the steps go up to the Games pitch. Here you find the Pré de Foire (the Village Green) where, from the 16th century onwards, sheep and cattle were brought along in May and September to be sold. The outline of the castle walls and towers, that once stood there, are left to everyone's imagination.

The Chapel of the White Penitents overlooking the main square (Place Joseph Garnier) is dedicated to Our Lady of Mercy, it was restored in 1630.
St John the Baptist's church, originally Our Lady of the Rosary Chapel, became the parish church in 1794, when the old St John the Baptist's Church, which stood next to the cemetery on the Condamine side, was destroyed by fire.
The bust of Joseph Garnier has been placed at the spot where his house stood. It was pulled down to give a view of the church

The old village houses are all facing south. At the top you can see small balconies, the "souleïaires", protected by the eaves, where fruit used to be left to dry in te sun

The public washing house consists of three separate basins under three distinct vaults: the first one was used to keep fresh and clean water, the middle one to rinse the washing and the third one to soap and beat it. The problem of getting a regular supply of water in Beuil was solved in the early 1900s.
On the facade of some of the houses in the San Bastia square, there are still traces of colour designs, the vestiges of naive and quaint decorations.

For more information, download "Visite du village" in pdf
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